Posted on September 23, 2019

Expanded Assortment Range - NEW assortment offering for WD, P-Clip & PVC

Launching in October our expanded assortment range uses a sturdy Fischer Plastics 8 partition box with snap closure.

All assortments contain a range of popular sizes to suit a wide range of applications and markets including Automotive, Industrial, Irrigation, Mining and Marine.

  • KALE worm drive clamps in 4 different materials, W1 Mild Steel, W2 Semi Stainless (9mm Band) W3 All Stainless (430) and Marine grade W4 All stainless 304
  • KALE P-Clips with EPDM liner and reinforced band ends in W1 Mild Steel and W3 All Stainless (430)
  • Global PVC P-Clips W1 Gal with PVC sleeve

For details check our product information sheets or contact us for details.

Kale Wd Assortment Flyer New

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