Posted on March 02, 2018

Our Latest Product — Flexible Duct Support System

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Poor flexible duct installation can strangle the duct or even cut the outer jacket of the duct leading to poor performance and inefficiently of the system that will significantly increase running costs.  

With energy costs continuing to rise sharply, this can lead to higher expenses than planned or anticipated. 

Studies have shown energy losses of up to 40% in the performance of systems when flexible ducting is poorly installed.

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The Global Clamps Flexible Duct Support System (FDSS) is here to change that. The FDSS ensures efficient operating for your ducted heating and cooling systems when installed correctly and in accordance with standards. 
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  • Assembly in less than a minute
  • Meets Australian Standard (Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings) AS4254-1
  • Ensures sag of less than 40mm between supports when installed correctly
  • Manufactured with market-leading fire retardant material (V0 according to UL94 requirements)
  • Reduces waste with supplied strap to be cut to length on site
  • Double the required support width at 150mm, making it the widest support system on the market
  • Support slots designed to lock the straps in and assist parallel hanging, preventing sliding or twisting
  • No sharp edges to damage the duct fabric or material
  • Provides contact to >25% of duct diameter up to 600mm

For more information or to order the FDSS, please contact the team at Global Clamps. 

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